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Recently when i went gaming in some GameNet with my friends,i saw people playing this game very enthusiastically,i asked for its name,andthen get it from internet.this Game is Phisically Smooth and natural ,The Graphics and animations are not bad.

it is an arcade style shoot the ball at others of matching color type. There are many ways to earn bonus points. The balls travel faster at higher levels and they add more colors making it harder .

Warning: This is one of those games where its easy to lose track of time. That's the bad news. The good news is that for those days where you need a bit of mindless escapism, this game is good.sooner or latter you will get tired of this game too.

they say "Zuma is a non-stop never-ending puzzle challenge"

Size =~ 4,77 Mb
I recommend that you search and download it via torrents and p2p networks:
try something like this search

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meiti گفت...

Hey Man!!!
I've known u've got a real good taste of using colors and design!But it's an amazing smooth designing with brilliant syncro!Plus -as I guess- a new acceptable point of view in contex!this made happy and saticfied brother!
tanx for the blog

Alan گفت...

Just blog hopping.
All the best on you and your blog